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When did the sun rise,

Upon my weary eyes?

Why do you flood me?

With no warning, forsake me, 

Corrupting my faith in thee.


When did the clouds turn grey?

And angry, so angry, 

Pummelling me unforgivingly, 

Raining thunder upon me!


When did the horizon,

Suddenly flip below one, 

And the horizon become undone,

Son of the sun, 

Why do you smite me?


Why must I be doomed,

To unanswered prayers?

Why must my feet be moved, 

To corrosive waters?


Flawed you etched my clay, 

Yet expect me to obey, 

Unscathed? How can I be?

When against me, you turn all humanity? 


Why do you hide? 

And tell me to seek,

Promise that I’ll find, 

The jewels for me, you keep. 


I shake in anguish at the thought of your name, 

Who is all and all, and nothing the same, 

Entangle my brain, 

You watch my pain, 

And do little to alleviate, 

The soreness of my porous skin,

Ignoring the tears that are chorus within. 


In this unfair war, 

That I did not wage, 

Walking on this unbalanced world, 

I draw my sword, 

Grand and aged.


To find,

You have compromised the metal,

What in that is kind? 

It bends when I strike, 

In the midst of a ferocious fight, 

It would, as though mesmerised, 

leave my side. 


Newton’s Cradle

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Gaze upon the stars,
And dream a thousand dreams,
Be bold in who you are,
Not all is as it seems.

In pains we know no respite,
In respite we know no pains.
In peace we know no fight,
In war we know no games.

Take heart, oh hearty sister,
Oh hold on and take more heart,
Your role is still yet stage centre,
Your role is still your part.

The seasons are ever changing,
The sun it comes and goes,
The colours bright and fading,
The wind it tos and fros.

Take heart, oh hearty sister,
May blessings flow your way,
This shan’t last forever,
The night will turn to day.

Imagine but a moment more,
To hold a dear smile dearly,
We may have only seconds scored,
But the time should run course fairly.

The goal we reach, the goal we seek,
Is the way, the truth, the light,
The path towards eternity,
Is a battle’s last delight.

Cindy Ikie


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Where is bliss?

Is it upon your dainty lips?

Where one may bestow a tainted kiss. 

Where is this? 

Is it amongst an unsettled pit?

Remember bliss, absent of grit.


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Arise from your slumber,

Oh gentle soul of thunder.

Be not afraid or dismayed,

As you feel life in your veins.

You were worn, torn and scorned


Be reborn from thorns,

That scarred you neatly.

Outstretch your hand for mine,

To see your crystal shine,

Then see that you, divine,

Though undiscovered beneath the darkest Earth,

have been formed anew, for your rebirth.

The Matrimony

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The inferno on my chest,

And the cooling of my passion.

The hoping for the best,

As Life dictates his lessons.


I am a puppet on strings

The only decision I make:

To tangle.

I’ve accepted my fate

That with Life,

I’m forced to tango.


Alone I finally am

As my minds company

Is lost.

Such bittersweet freedom

Unaware of any cost.


Clueless I stand here,

Gawping at the beauty

Of my life.

When did it all change to honey

Golden drops, pearls upon my Soul.


Cold and blue

Water on my forehead

A pleasure to my senses


Confused emotions dancing

Happiness now is reckless


And silk,

I no longer fear it

But embrace it,

Towards my crown.

Adorn myself with jewels


My purple wedding gown.



© Ciinders. TheSoulsWord™


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I could not leave


Behind old friend


You are the mother

Of my Soul.


A constant comfort of brightness

An everlasting source of hope.


Thank you for my freedom

Thank you

For my joy.


I could not leave


Behind, old friend


My inspiration to respire,


Who wardens away sorrow

And stood strong

Whilst I was meek.


Hold my hand

Grasp me tightly

Let my palms tell you a story

Of my journey

From destruction

To my new and former glory.


© Ciinders. TheSoulsWord™

Libertus sum

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Where are the words that my heart once felt?

The darkness has left me barren.

Once there was a misery, a cloud of guilt

And now light has filled my heart.



My soul no longer mourns a loss

And with the morn’

Comes spring time’s fresh breeze.

Raindrops invigorate my spirit

To dance, and dance and sing.



But who am I?

When anger’s lost

Who stands now in my place?

The burden is no more mine

My wallet knows not the cost.



Forever freed from


Hurtful word

Negativity resides not here

And what a lovely blissful thought

Of no sins or grieves to bear.


© Ciinders. TheSoulsWord™