I close my eyes and I shake

At the wonder that is life,

Cos my earth starts to quake

And there is a darkness beyond the night.


We walk through the shadow of death

And alone.

You will stand.

If you reach out for your mother, you will get the devil for a hand.

You hear a lamb cry,

But you know not how to help it.

Helpless babe in the forest,

And the woods come to rape it.

I want to SCREAM, because the nights are rough

Who will protect us from abuse

Are we wrong to think that we are hurt

When experienced bones of iron meet our faces.

They will hold you in a bundle

And expect just good from you

When every man is capable of wrong doing

Casting judgement like we are gods.

Foolish imbeciles of nature,

Twisted fornications of life,

Despicable murderers of hope

And forgers of strife.

© Ciinders TheSoulsWord ™


~ by Ciinders on May 19, 2011.

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