Until I breathe again

This is where I choose to rest,

Where I choose to lay my head

My neck.

This is where I choose to swing my feet,

Where I choose to sway

To the winds monobeat.

Where I will defy gravity

As he once held me to the ground.

Watch me fly.

As I sway above you

You cannot pull me down.

This is where I choose to be

Or rather, not to be at all.

This is where I’ll kick and I’ll rage

Till I settle and my limbs all fall.

Amongst the wood, I will hide my years

Its age will become mine.

This is where I’ll choose my tears

To replenish the Earth

And laugh at time,

Who laughed at me

And scorned my skin

With all of it’s unpleasantries.

This is where I’ll tie my knot

To Earth I’ll be begot

In life we do part

In death we are one.

All terra here forgot.

No vertical bloodshed,

From horizontal lines.

No agonising and blistering feet

From trying to walk the path

Of mine.

This is where I choose to avoid the


This is where I choose to be

To live and laugh and die. 

 © Ciinders TheSoulsWord ™


~ by Ciinders on May 19, 2011.

One Response to “Until I breathe again”

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