Untimely Death of a Soul

It is when I thought of you less

That you embraced my chest.

You held me close,

And kept me cold.

My wrist, my head, your thorn.

And crimson of a liquid state

Could not evaporate.

My throat, my sores

Sins no longer yours.

Gentle as a childs first breath

I left this world behind

Its openness has locked me in

A bird foretold to soar.

Let me in, oh let me in

Open up these gates

Raise me up

Lest I drown

And greens forevermore, will

Not be.

Bent over as a flower

Starved of light

I will wilt

And cannot fight.

© Ciinders TheSoulsWord ™


~ by Ciinders on May 19, 2011.

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