When shall I breathe again?

In summer, autumn or in spring

When the hurt has come and gone,

When its clear I lost, you won

That shall be ere the rise of the Sun.

Open the doors, the windows

Let the virgin light come in.

She radiates purity on my cheek

Bruised by your kiss.

How did I love thee? Let me count the days

I spent wishing my love away

I loved thee

As Gabriel loves God

Doting on his every command

Lavishing on your every word

Every syllable like a pearl in my mouth

Sacred to my heart.

Bloodied I emerged out


Skin caressing my bones

Limbs broken


Spine shattered


The load of my love for you.

Today I must breathe again,

As I resurrect out of the grave

Air filling my lungs

And hollowing my head

With clarity.

That the time to break the bondage

Haemorrhaging transition metal links

Has come, has come, has come.

© Ciinders TheSoulsWord ™


~ by Ciinders on May 29, 2011.

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