I think I’ll pry

Dear reader,

It has come to my attention that I live in a world where various different types of people exist. Yet we all seem to fall into some category or another,unfortunately. Despite our great abounding efforts to be so very different from the next person, it proves that we are so very alike. Doesn’t help that we are of the same species, does it?

I like many others have taken it upon myself to chain myself to the internet realm. Indeed, Bebo was one of my first friends, but in absolute annoyance that I found myself on google…I proceeded in military manner to delete the account. However being an infamous gatherer of items in my household, I look back and think, I ought to have kept it…merely for the memories. Soon enough I was pressured into getting a msn account, so that I could become involved in “instant messaging”…how spectacular the idea was at the time. Proudly, I can say I have only ever held one email account of msn, for numerous years now. All those ’emoticons’ (which I always called emotions unknowingly), they were the ‘bomb’ of  internet expression. I mean which msn-becrazed youth didn’t know what : (8) stood for. Well for one, my boyfriend didn’t…but thats okay, he has me to explain 🙂 .

I’m sorry to have to do this, but its beyond necessary. Facebook, you have ruined the lives of many hopeful students who would have been able to attain a higher grade in their AS Levels had you not decided to be invented. But, I will not hold you accountable to the downfall of so many youthful golden students. A whole bizarre network of people who are connected to so many others. So many many others, many of those many others, are people we do not know. “Why are you poking me? Have I not set privacy restrictions to stop people I do not know from poking me?!” If there’s anything I’ve learnt from Facebook it is that, nothing can be privatised. Soon you will find your photo in the most curious of places, on a website that is seemingly shut down, but still, your photo remains pasted in the internet world of eternity. I do wonder if the internet can ever be ‘switched off’ – for some reason it appears in my mind’s eye as a chasm in another dimension that cannot be ruined, even by God when he chooses to end the world with fiery anger and so on and so forth. Oh, invincible internet.

Recently, twitter seemed like a glorious idea. At first, I will not lie, I didn’t get it. In fact, I set it up and left it to rot and take up valuable internet space. But not to worry, the internet survived and one day I resurrected my twitter, and began to tweet. I could say, whatever I wanted to say. Well, not that I couldn’t do the same on Facebook…its just, twitter had the aura of freedom. Absolute freedom. I tweeted things such as;

“It’s a shame I hate my school and wouldn’t be caught dead going prom.What a shame.”

“Synthetic hair vs The Afro…Let’s face it ‘human hair’ dont mean shit if it aint on the original human head…so why do we do it?”

“When the Earth ends, the first thing to land in hell should be wicked bus drivers”


“What did I do to be a relative dunce”

On twitter, no one dares to question me. No one dares to question anybody….well no one except that one footballer that went and had a bit of a tantrum. Rule number 1 : The internet is invincible, do not try to fight it.

Now I’ve got myself a little more space on the internet. For real, it’s like I’m playing a sort of monopoly, acquiring properties in cyber-land. I’ve got myself a blog. A place where I’m free to post whatever I please, and my only worry is that all my writings will develop cob-web syndrome and only ever be viewed by my mother.

Okay, so that’s a major understatement. It’s a deep-rooted fear of no acceptance into the world in which I am so like everybody else, it’s an anxiety that no one will care for the words that I have to say. It’s a something-or-other thingy-ma-jibby that grips me and makes me break into a sweat…NOT.

🙂 Its my little baby that I don’t have to end neatly or concisely but rather can end on something like…

I enjoy being of the human race. Occasionally.


Love always, The Souls Word™.


~ by Ciinders on May 29, 2011.

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