Poetic Prose: Roman Empire (III)

Have you ever known Wickedness? Wickedness lurks in the darkest of places, in the depths of chambers, in the centre of all man’s conscience. The Heart. Wickedness breeds daughters and sons; Selfishness, Greediness, Hopelessness and Treachery. Lawless of The Lords Love, they ride freely through the temple of the body, ravishing all Light, smiting all Goodness, creating a cove of endless toil.

In all, lies Wickedness, in some he is weak, fragile and boney. In a corner curled up in the foetal position, facing the white wall. Moist bloodied skin plastered to the ice-cold floor. Wickedness shivers, he shakes, and he curses. Help comes his way and he squirms, spitting in the eye of the benevolent. Showing Wickedness even to himself. Wickedness knows no discrimination, he will devour Hearts and hunt down others relentlessly.

On board our friendship, you mutinied. In the Sahara blaze of love you deserted. Then in the night you came to me, showing me images of familiar faces. In the darkness I strained and reached out, my hand for yours. I blinked and you were gone, as I lay there with my hand withdrawn. Suddenly you were poised before me; dressed in a black robe filled with dragged cuts and holes. A skeleton hand invaded my chest, plunging in.

That was when I knew I had a Soul, and that my Soul had a Word, and that Word was my breath of Life.

You gripped my Soul and drew him out. You pulled and pulled. I could not breathe. It was painful, I could feel myself out of myself and it was cold. Fear struck me. I whispered the Lord’s prayer within myself. Alas you let me go. Your face upturned with bitterness; entirely annoyed that you could not finish me off. Yet we know your nature, you lurk. You stay and you rest till you recover. So that you may sit on my chest and compress me. Anything to stop me from living.

So before I sleep. I watch the angels as they watch for you, with my Soul in my vessel and its Words on my lips.

© Ciinders TheSoulsWord ™


~ by Ciinders on August 10, 2011.

One Response to “Poetic Prose: Roman Empire (III)”

  1. Nice post today. I really enjoyed reading it very much. Please share my poem “The Inspiration” also. Thanks

    again for writing this.

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