The Matrimony

The inferno on my chest,

And the cooling of my passion.

The hoping for the best,

As Life dictates his lessons.


I am a puppet on strings

The only decision I make:

To tangle.

I’ve accepted my fate

That with Life,

I’m forced to tango.


Alone I finally am

As my minds company

Is lost.

Such bittersweet freedom

Unaware of any cost.


Clueless I stand here,

Gawping at the beauty

Of my life.

When did it all change to honey

Golden drops, pearls upon my Soul.


Cold and blue

Water on my forehead

A pleasure to my senses


Confused emotions dancing

Happiness now is reckless


And silk,

I no longer fear it

But embrace it,

Towards my crown.

Adorn myself with jewels


My purple wedding gown.



© Ciinders. TheSoulsWord™


~ by Ciinders on June 4, 2012.

One Response to “The Matrimony”

  1. Fabulous work Cindy… didn’t know you wrote poetry 🙂

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