Newton’s Cradle

Gaze upon the stars,
And dream a thousand dreams,
Be bold in who you are,
Not all is as it seems.

In pains we know no respite,
In respite we know no pains.
In peace we know no fight,
In war we know no games.

Take heart, oh hearty sister,
Oh hold on and take more heart,
Your role is still yet stage centre,
Your role is still your part.

The seasons are ever changing,
The sun it comes and goes,
The colours bright and fading,
The wind it tos and fros.

Take heart, oh hearty sister,
May blessings flow your way,
This shan’t last forever,
The night will turn to day.

Imagine but a moment more,
To hold a dear smile dearly,
We may have only seconds scored,
But the time should run course fairly.

The goal we reach, the goal we seek,
Is the way, the truth, the light,
The path towards eternity,
Is a battle’s last delight.

Cindy Ikie


~ by Ciinders on March 10, 2017.

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